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England's Vietnam
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The Spanish Armada and the Irish Connection

From Pagan Rites to Civil Rights

with a foreword by Ivan Cooper


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Publisher: Hugh W.L. Weir, Ballinakella Press, Whitegate, Co. Clare, Ireland [1998]

Illustrated: 126 pages

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The author for some years after 1988 was editor of Ar nDuthcas [Our Heritage], the O'Doherty Clan newspaper which reached a world-wide circulation of 7,500 copies.


Author, right, presents framed original Oct. 5th 1968 civil rights poster to Adrian Kerr, the manager of the Museum of Free Derry <>. Adrian was also presented with a Foyle Travel receipt for a protest air flight to Number 10 Downing Street and Westminster Hall to highlight a pre-dawn attack by uniformed members of the RUC and B’Specials on the homes of residents of St. Colm’s Wells in the Bogside, in early January 1969. The day before witnessed the Burntollet Ambush and the arrival of protesting students who participated in a 3-day march from Belfast to Derry’s Guildhall Square.
Author pictured with another civil rights leader, Ivan Cooper, a former MP for Mid-Derry who became the Minister for Community Relations in the ill-fated power-sharing executive of 1974 which was brought down by the ‘Loyalist Strike’, which involved road blockages, electricity shut-downs and mass intimidation of those wishing to attend their places of employment.
Author pictured with a small section of friends and twin sister, Deirdre, (2nd from right) who attended the well-attended book launch.
Irish Chronicles I:
England's Vietnam
By Fionnbarra Ó Dochartaigh
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